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I write stuff.


I'm Nina Bargiel, aka the slackmistress.

I'm a writer. I've written a lot of stuff. I'm working on more stuff now. If you need more information than that, check out my professional page or my LinkedIn.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband Will and our pit bull Daisy J. Dog.

I drive a pink Mini Cooper. No, really.

My email address can be found under my profile picture. Feel free to use it.

Full Disclosure: As of July 2009, I am a Gap Brand Enthusiast. This is different than a Gap Band Enthusiast, as I am a fan of the Gap Brand an not the Gap Band. No disrespect to Gap Band fans.

As a Gap Brand Enthusiast, I am not paid nor required to blog about Gap merchandise or functions. However, on occasion I do receive free merchandise for my own personal use as well as to give out on my blog. These blog posts will always have the hashtag #gapborntofit and will be categorized as such.

I have been wearing clothes from the Gap since the 70's. The only disclosure statement I have about that is that their jeans make my ass look good, and I will always say that for free.